The Poor handling of the Covid19 Pandemic by the Regime

Today the leadership of the National Unity Platform addressed the nation about the poor handling of the COVID19 pandemic by the Museveni regime. The team led by Acting President, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe addressed a wide range of issues. Among others, NUP condemns the blanat corruption and misuse of public resources by the regime as well as the lack of planning by those who have insisted on being in charge of our nation despite the citizens roundly rejecting them.

The apex of the dysfunction becomes clear when you consider that almost 20 days into the lockdown, they are still grappling with who and how to give out the paltry 100,000 they promised to give out to vulnerable citizens. Comparatively, other countries including those which are much poorer than Uganda were able to extend relief to many more citizens in a smarter and more transparent manner. It becomes clearer why we need to urgently get rid of this corrupt, inefficient and brutal regime.


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