Fire Breakout in Kamwokya

Yesterday I learnt of the unfortunate fire breakout in Kamwokya which left several people dead and many others injured. More than 200 people who lived on the land were left without shelter- including children. I have spoken with the area leaders and expressed deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. NUP has also extended relief in form of food and temporary shelter to some of the victims. I am grateful to our leaders including our Secretary General and Chairman Nyanzi who spent the morning interacting with the victims and extending the much needed support to them. I encourage other well wishers to do the same. It is unfortunate that most fires in this country have not been fully investigated, and this one will most likely follow the same fate!
In the meantime, we are putting together resources to support victims of the Nyamwamba floods in Kasese District like we did last year. We continue to appeal to all citizens who have means to reach out to fellow citizens in this tough period, especially those who have been hit by different tragedies.


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