The Poor handling of the Covid19 Pandemic by the Regime

Today the leadership of the National Unity Platform addressed the nation about the poor handling of the COVID19 pandemic by the Museveni regime. The team led by Acting President, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe addressed a wide range of issues. Among others, NUP condemns the blanat corruption and misuse of public resources by the regime as […]

Insight on the Army taking on Government Construction Projects

Gen. Museveni can nolonger recognise his former self. He always castigated Gen. Idi Amin for ruling by decree as opposed to the rule of law, yet he continues to show that he has zero regard for the law! In yet another show of dictatorship, Mr. Museveni has ordered his wife and other government Ministers to […]

Fire Breakout in Kamwokya

Yesterday I learnt of the unfortunate fire breakout in Kamwokya which left several people dead and many others injured. More than 200 people who lived on the land were left without shelter- including children. I have spoken with the area leaders and expressed deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. NUP has also extended […]

Full Text of EU Parliament Resolution on Arrests of Ugandan Lawmakers

The European parliament (EP) has bemoaned human rights breaches in Uganda calling for the government to respect the independence of the legislature. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in a resolution made reference to the violent turn of events during a by-election in August. A number of lawmakers were arrested after the president’s convoy was […]

While Museveni Plays Politics, Bobi Wine is Saving Lives in Uganda

I am as proud as ever to represent Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine on a pro bono basis, especially as we are watching this important East African nation face down the threat of the global pandemic. At great personal risk and sacrifice, Bobi has invigorated the political sensibilities of Uganda’s youth and leads a peaceful […]

Bobi Wine files arbitrary detention complaint at UN

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine, who is under de facto house arrest by the military, has filed an arbitrary detention complaint to the United Nations. “Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana has filed this complaint on my behalf to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Arrest. We are challenging my continued illegal confinement by the […]