The Poor handling of the Covid19 Pandemic by the Regime

Today the leadership of the National Unity Platform addressed the nation about the poor handling of the COVID19 pandemic by the Museveni regime. The team led by Acting President, Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe addressed a wide range of issues. Among others, NUP condemns the blanat corruption and misuse of public resources by the regime as […]

My roots, This video summarises my origins, stretching very many years back.

Friends, As Marcus Garvey wrote, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like a tree without roots.” Seeing how we are quickly losing and forgetting our history, I was motivated to document my own history as an individual, so that I would be able to pass on this knowledge […]

Insight on the Army taking on Government Construction Projects

Gen. Museveni can nolonger recognise his former self. He always castigated Gen. Idi Amin for ruling by decree as opposed to the rule of law, yet he continues to show that he has zero regard for the law! In yet another show of dictatorship, Mr. Museveni has ordered his wife and other government Ministers to […]

Bobi Wine collaborator Nubian Li recounts his prison ordeal

For Ali Bukeni, joining Bobi Wine on the campaign trail was a no-brainer — despite the dangers. Bukeni, better known by his stage name Nubian Li, is one of Bobi Wine’s musical partners. The pair have recorded a number of songs together. When the 39-year-old singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine — real name Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert — sought […]

Fire Breakout in Kamwokya

Yesterday I learnt of the unfortunate fire breakout in Kamwokya which left several people dead and many others injured. More than 200 people who lived on the land were left without shelter- including children. I have spoken with the area leaders and expressed deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. NUP has also extended […]