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On 24th October, 2017, 29,000,000/= (Uganda Shillings Twenty Nine Million) was deposited to my Bank Account. This money was given to all Members of Parliament. According to official communication, this money was given to Members of Parliament to consult on the unfortunate proposal to amend Article 1...

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Dear young women and men of Uganda, today our country marks its 55th independence anniversary! I feel the urgency to communicate to you on this day, and through this letter on three things; the state of our country, the prospects for the future, and what each one of us must do TODAY to better our de...

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What is civil about raping the Constitution?

My muscles ache, my joints feel dislocated, the pain in my neck from the strangling is unbearable, my head hurts so bad ,my whole body is in terrible pain but my heart is as SOLID AS A ROCK. Yesterday, I watched TV in amusement. In our absence from parliament, a few ministers and MPs were trying to...

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The bobiwine foundation focuses on discussing, and finding solutions to social, political and economic issues in our society especially such challenges that hinder the youth from attaining their welfare goals.

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